As urban populations grow around the world, there’s increasing investment in land, property and infrastructure. When councils and municipalities include architectural lighting in this investment, they’re helping to create a unique identity for their towns and cities.

Whether it’s through lighting a heritage building or a modern structure, this investment allows locals to experience their home town or city at night in a way they may never have experienced it before, creating a sense of pride.

Architectural lighting brings cities to life at night – enticing tourists into urban spaces and areas where there are shops, bars or restaurants, increasing that all important dwell time. It's also a powerful marketing tool. As lighting offers a different perspective not just on architecture, but on landscapes, plazas and gardens – it can be used to differentiate one town or city from the next. For these reasons – lighting is often a key consideration in a city or town’s tourism strategy.

At acdc we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of local councils who wanted to light local landmarks with the aim of drawing people towards these spaces.

If you'd like to see some the projects we've completed and learn about how we lit these amazing town and cities our Explore the night guide is here to download!