Swansea Guildhall

Originally located in Swansea’s maritime quarter – the Guildhall as it is known today was built in 1932 and opened by HRH the Duke of Kent two years later.

It’s constructed from white Portland stone and was designed by Percy Thomas, who received RIBA’s bronze medal for architecture for his work. While it was home to Swansea City Council for decades, since 1996, it has been used solely as the city’s law courts and council administration offices.

In a bid to illuminate the huge structure for events and celebrations, Swansea City and County Council approached Zumtobel Group with whom they had an existing relationship. As the experts in outdoor architectural lighting, acdc proposed a new lighting scheme and provided a demonstration to show the clients how their vision could be achieved.

The Guildhall is a Grade I listed building, and as such, the team worked closely with Historic Wales, the contractors and council to minimise any impact on the fabric of the building while maximising the lit effect.

With a 157ft clock tower and tall facades, high output FUSION floodlights (12, 24 and 48 variants in RGBA) were chosen because of their controllability, power of illumination and ease of install. Keeping the fittings as discreet as possible, they were placed in protective cages on grassland in front of the building, as well as on the roof spaces below the tower and are controlled using a fully addressed DMX system. This allows a great deal of versatility from subtle white illumination to full colour effects, depending on the occasion.

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