Memphis Mansion, Denmark

Memphis Mansion in Randers, Denmark is a museum and restaurant dedicated to American musician and legend, Elvis Presley. 

Fascinated by this unusual piece of architecture in his hometown, AfterDark’s Morten Buss Andersen set up a temporary installation at the beginning of 2020, illuminating the facade.

While the building has always been lit by various different fittings, there was never a specific lighting design – until Morten came along.

Once complete, owner Henrik Knudsen was impressed with how the light had brought the building to life.

So how was it achieved? PLAZA S3x and S7x spotlights and BLADE Micro linear luminaires were chosen for this project because of their size and ability to be hidden. Morten chose a warmer white for the bricks – 2700K – with 3000K used to highlight the white cornicing and architectural elements on the building, making them stand out.

“To me, it’s very important not to ‘harm’ the building during the daytime with large fittings – therefore, I carefully picked the smallest and most effective. At the same time, these products also needed to be high quality in terms of durability (there’s a lot of rain in Denmark – so the luminaires had to be engineered to last), glare control, lens options and easy handling. The glare control element was particularly important to prevent spectators and visitors being blinded and to keep the night sky dark.”

Morten ensured that the luminaires were all carefully placed to be as invisible as possible. As it was a mock up, the fittings could not be drilled or screwed into place, so the wiring was done with extension cords and the installation was put up, photographed ad dismounted the very same day.

“It was a wonderful experience to have worked on Memphis Mansion. From the initial thoughts and ideas, through to the planning stage and then finally to turn the power on and see how all the products worked together. I’d always prefer to do a mock up on a project before installing the final luminaires. While a full-scale mock up is not always necessary, it’s a great way of finding out what works well and what doesn’t,” – Morten Buss Andersen.

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