Architectural lighting at Gothenburg's most popular market hall has been refurbished.

The Market Hall (Saluhallen) was designed by famous architect Hans Hedlund in 1889 and is a busy hub for city dwellers and visitors today.
26 acdc FUSION, BLADE Si and PLAZAs (RGBW) have just been integrated into the architecture of the roof, creating a striking, dynamic and homogenous lit effect. Sales Manager for Zumtobel Group Nordics Örjan Andersson oversaw the project and said that the mock up with acdc's Business Development Manager Antonio Parente and lighting proposal from Applications Director Dan was key. "It [the project] would never have happened without a lighting design visualisation. The mock up with Antonio gave the client a good idea of what the final result would look like. We also got some good ideas from Antonio such as up lighting the flagpole."  The original proposal included the illumination of both the front facade and the roof. However, to minimise the final project cost, the client and project team came up with a solution which meant lighting jut the roof, clock and flagpole.    

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