The Contact Theatre in Manchester is a masonry building dating back to 1963 and was redeveloped in 1999.

It's in the top 1% of the most environmentally friendly public buildings in the north west of England and as such, the theatre are currently replacing lighting throughout the building with energy efficient LEDs.

That includes the quirky facade, which is now lit using acdc’s BLADE MICRO and FUSION luminaires.

We’ve worked with both the design company (Max Fordham) and contractors (A. Copeland Group) to come up with the right solution.

Originally, BLADE Sx was specified, but because of the tight recesses where the product was to be mounted, we switched it to a BLADE MICRO. As we were able to offer the right fitting of the right quality, we secured the project and supplied 15 of the BLADE MICROs and 2 Fusion 12s. The RGBW lighting is controlled using a Stick Amaze.

Photography: Copeland Group

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