Bridge Lighting

Through a collaborative creative approach, architectural lighting design can make bridges look stunning, creating views that amaze and by integrating acdc it gives people a complete experience with light. It’s all about the wow factor. Creating memories time and time again.

Bridges case studies

Bridge Guide

6 Bridge Types, 5 methods of light. acdc consider 6 different types of bridge and discusses how through 5 fundamental application methods of lighting, the height, scale and form of the bridge can create a jewel in a communities' crown.
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Osijek Bridge Case Study

Osijek pedestrian bridge spans the Drava River and is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Opened in 1981, the bridge was completely renovated in 2007. In 2017 the bridge underwent a spectacular transformation with dynamic full colour lighting from acdc. Read all about how acdc's products addressed three layers of light to make this icon, iconic.
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Bridge Lighting Webinar - On Demand

Join our applications Director Dan Hodgson as he discusses the 5 fundamental methods of lighting 6 different bridge types.
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